In a world changed forever by the ravages of war, two isolated and disparate cultures are all that remain of humanity. The Vakna are masters of mind control and consciousnesses while the Traum perfected the ability to seamlessly integrate technology with human physiology. While not enemies, they are hardly friends, choosing instead to live in isolated peace.

Then, the discovery of several unnatural occurrences surrounding the Traum’s home. Living creatures mysteriously sidestep the anomalies as though unwittingly controlled, and artificial intelligence enhanced probes are rendered useless in their presence. The Traum, fearing the effects the anomalies could have on their own physiology, beseech aid from the Vakna. The Vakna, tired of being aloof, also realize these disturbances don't just pose a potential threat to their human cousins, but possibly their community as well; a coalition forms.

A team of adventurers is joined to investigate, including two very unlikely individuals - ArVue, a young Vakna, has special abilities for the task but is regarded as an immature troublemaker by his community. While Ticha, from the Traum society, is seen as nothing more than a high-tech thief, albeit a very special thief.

But ArVue and Ticha aren't the only challenges the expedition faces. The chosen team members are a mix of both cultures. How can individuals so vastly different be expected to put their lives in each other's hands while facing the genetically engineered dangers of the old world and unraveling the mystery of The Anomalies?

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