My name is Jerry Whitman and I'm a crooked attorney. I wasn't always shady, but sometimes the business of law takes you in that direction. And sometimes, you choose it because you're greedy; like me.

While on vacation with my family, I fell prey to The Presence, an evil that drove fear into my soul like a railroad spike through the head. I'd welcome insanity. Courting death would be a blessing. Unfortunately, The Presence holds my sanity prisoner and fear for my loved ones grip my heart like a choker chain on a hound; I dare not defy it. Am I damned? I believe so.

But an unexpected light illuminates my dark path. The light's name is Annette Berque, a Psychic Medium and Paranormal Investigator. She's good. And while I have no illusions about my fate, if there is the slimmest chance she can keep my family safe, I’ll take it.

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Warning: contains profanity!