Welcome to my website, a virtual space where reality is banished and imagination embraced.

I'm a speculative fiction author who enjoys writing in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and horror. What exactly is Mindful Fiction With a Dose of Suspense?

My writing typically includes aspects that tease the mind and toys with reason. It's fiction with a twist. “Mindful” because there are often characteristics of realism you must consider. “With a Dose of Suspense” because who doesn't like a little uncertainty?

For a sample of my work, signup below and receive The Convergence for free. It's one of my favorite stories that is also included in my short story collection, Conundrums.

Conundrums is now available! Just click the cover! For a synopsis of Conundrums, click here.

Excerpts available for The Presence, The Anomalies, and Mage's Call. Just click on the covers.

Check Out My Blog

What kind of content you can expect from my blog? I mostly post about things that inspire me to write. That could be new technology, science breakthroughs, science fiction, fantasy, horror; the list is endless!

That said, my ideas have to come from somewhere right? I suppose I could say "I just make stuff up," but talk about a let down, right? What a lame answer! But that's where this blog comes in handy; for both of us. You'll get a feel for what ends up on my radar, and blogging about these topics helps me keep track of interesting things while I organize my thoughts. Now, that doesn’t mean I never actually “make stuff up”. To some extent, every writer does. But there’s plenty of inspiration in the world we live in.